Apple Success Process Documentation

Step 1
Choose Device Type

Your intended environment dictates how the devices should be set up and enrolled. See the Differences Between Device Types article to help decide which is right for the intended use.

Step 2

Our iPad Enrollment article will walk you through how to erase the devices, create a Smart Group, and then enroll.

Content Distribution
Step 3
App Deployment
View Apps in Self Service

If you're looking to deploy an app to your devices, it may already be in Self Service (the district's app store that is automatically installed on all iPads).

View our Apps Offered in Self Service article to see if the app is already made available for you. If it is, your users can install the app themselves and you do not have to push it out!

Step 4
App Deployment
App Deployment

If the app isn't already being made available by the district, view our App Deployment article for steps on how to purchase app licenses and then distribute the app to devices.

Step 5
Configuration Profiles
Device Restrictions

You do not want your staff or students to have unfettered access to some iPad controls, like being able to erase or rename them. The district has some basic options locked down, but since every school and department has different needs, most iPad options are left up to your discretion.

View our Restrictions article on advice on how to set up a restrictions configuration profile for a group of devices.

Step 6
Device Commands
Remote Commands

You have the ability to send commands remotely from Jamf to devices.

See our Management Commands category for a list of various articles.

Step 7
Where to Find Help

We have a lot of helpful resources:

  1. Troubleshooting documentation
  2. Apple Microsoft Teams channel
  3. Email