General Information

Web clips resemble app icons on the home screen of your iPad, but instead of launching an application, a web clip takes you directly to a website.

Important Terms

  • Web Clip – A Web Clip resembles an app icon on iPad home screens, but instead of launching an application, a web clip takes the user directly to a website. They are most often used to make it easy for students to access complicated testing login pages.

Create Configuration Profile

  1. From a web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in with your netadmin account’s credentials (usually net admin-LocationNumber). Do not use the full email address.
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Click Configuration Profiles.
  5. At the top-right, click +New.

Configure Payloads

General Tab

  1. In the Name field, input a name for the profile. A good example would be LocationName – Web Clip – Website Name.
  2. In the Category drop-down box, select Web Clips.

Web Clips Payload

  1. In the payloads column to the left, click Web Clips.
  2. To the right, click Configure.
  3. In the Label text field, input what you want to appear to users as the name of the Web Clip.
  4. In the URL text field, input the full website address.

Note: In the Icon section, you can upload your own image for the Web Clip. If you do not upload your own, Jamf will use a standard globe icon. Once the iPad user taps the Web Clip once, it will replace the globe icon and use the website’s icon.

Configure Scope

  1. Click Scope tab.
  2. To the right, click +Add.
  3. Click the Mobile Device Groups tab.
  4. To the right, click the Add button next to each group that you want to have the Web Clip deployed to.
  5. When finished adding groups, click the grey Done button towards the top-right.
  6. At the bottom-right, click Save.