Set Wallpaper

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March 4, 2019

Network Managers can deploy a wallpaper to either the Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both. Unfortunately, only one wallpaper can be deployed to the screens at a time. A common use case would be to deploy the school’s logo or mascot to all of their devices.

Important Terms

  • Lock Screen – The initial screen after an iPad boots that displays the time, date, Wi-Fi connection, and battery life.
  • Home Screen – Displays the iPad’s installed apps, Web Clips, and Dock.

Works on

  • iPads (Staff/Student 1:1)
  • iPads (Shared)
  • iPads (Standard)

Step 1

Log into Jamf console

  1. From a web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in with your netadmin account’s credentials (usually net admin-LocationNumber). Do not use the full email address.

Select Smart Group

  1. Click Devices > Smart Device Groups.
  2. Click on the group that you wish to apply the Wallpaper to.

Step 2

Configure Automated Management tab

  1. Click Automated Management tab.
  2. At the bottom-right, click blue Edit button.
  3. Check Set Wallpaper (supervised only).
  4. Select whether to apply the wallpaper to the Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both.
  5. Click Upload Wallpaper Image.
  6. Click Choose File.
  7. Select your wallpaper image and click Choose.
  8. Click Upload.
  9. Check Schedule Ongoing Commands.
  10. In the Select drop-down box, select Once per day.
  11. Specify a time that Jamf will automatically ensure that the wallpaper on these devices is correct.
  12. At the bottom-right, click the blue Save button.