Restoring iPads through DFU Mode

General Information

To fix issues with your device, perform a DFU Restore. DFU stands for Device Firmware Update which reloads the software and the firmware of your device. As such, it’s an even deeper restore mode than recovery mode.

Important Terms

  • Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Mode – A special recovery mode of the iPad that can be utilized to restore iPads.

Boot Into DFU Mode

  1. Connect iPad to Mac.
  2. Launch Apple Configurator 2 from Mac HD > Applications > Apple Configurator 
  3. On the iPad, simultaneously hold the Home and Lock buttons.
  4. After 8-seconds, release the Lock button while continuing to hold the Home button.

If the Apple logo appears, the Lock button was held for too long and you must try again.

If done correctly, the iPad’s screen will be blank, but Configurator will display the iPad with the letters “DFU” on its icon.

Restore iPad

  1. Select the iPad on the screen in Configurator
  2. Navigate to Actions > Restore. The iPad will restore and be ready for enrollment.