New, Out-of-Box Setup

General Information

Important Terms

  • Setup Assistant – Apple’s version of Windows’ “Getting Ready” set up screens. This environment asks for various information from the user, such as language, keyboard setup, network connection, and more.

Unbox and Enroll into Jamf

  1. Unpack device and any peripherals.
  2. If the Mac has an ethernet port or you have an ethernet adapter, plug in an ethernet cable.
  3. Connect the Mac to power. The Mac will begin booting.
  4. Once at the first Setup Assistant screen, do not press any keyboard keys or move the mouse.
  5. After about 30-seconds, the Mac will automatically enroll into Jamf and boot into the log in screen.

Note: If you do not have an ethernet cable connected, you will need to manually click through the Setup Assistant screens.

When asked to connect to Wi-Fi, use the credentials:

  • Wifi: PCPS-Apple
  • Password: applesetup

Log into Temporary User

  1. Click Other.
    1. Note: If you do not see the Other icon and are instead presented with username and password fields, type completesetup into the username field.
  2. For the username, input: completesetup
  3. For the password, input: setup
  4. Hit Enter.

Mac Registration

After about a minute, the Mac Registration screen should appear.

  1. On the Registration screen, click Register.
  2. Fill out the registration screen
    1. Username: This should be the PCPS FirstName.LastName of the user that will oversee this computer. If it is going to a staff member, use their own username. If the machine is going to be a student-use or lab computer, use the username of the teacher that will oversee the Mac.
    2. Computer SAP Number: The computer’s eight-digit SAP number, which should be on the barcode sticker attached to the machine. If the SAP sticker has not yet been printed, you can find the SAP by looking up the serial number in SAP.
    3. Location: Select the user’s school or department. If a location is not listed, please email
    4. Computer Role: Select either Staff or Student. If the computer will be assigned to a specific staff member, select Staff. If the computer will be assigned to a specific student or utilized in a lab, select Student.
      1. Note: If Staff is selected, only accounts that belong to the domain will be able to log in. If Students is selected, only accounts that belong to the domain will be able to log in.
  3. Click Register. The computer will go through the registration process and automatically reboot once completed.

Account Login

After registration has completed, the computer will automatically reboot into the PCPS-branded login screen. At this point, the computer is set up and users can now log in with their PCPS network credentials.

Note: If the Mac is going to be used off-network at all, the user must log in at least once while on the PCPS network. If not, the user will receive authentication issues.