Managed Apple IDs (MAIDs)

General Information

Important Terms

Managed Apple IDs (MAIDs) – Every student and staff member automatically has a MAID account so that they can utilize Apple apps like Classroom and systems like iCloud storage.

Troubleshooting Staff MAID Accounts

Federation Issue with Staff MAIDs

Confirm Correct MAID Account

Because of the issue above, every staff member MAID account should be double-checked in Apple School Manager (ASM) as they may differ from person to person.

  1. From a web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in with your VPP account. This will most likely be your account and VPP password. If you do not know these credentials, you will need to contact the PCPS Help Desk and have them reset this password.
  3. On the left, click Accounts.
  4. In the middle column, search for the staff member’s FirstName.LastName.
  5. Click the staff’s account to see its details on the right.
  6. On the right, view the Managed Apple ID account. This is the account the staff member should be using.

Test Credentials Elsewhere

If the staff member believes the credentials they are using are correct, have them test the credentials through another system to confirm. Other system to test the credentials:


If the credentials fail on the above test areas, they are not correct and a password reset may be in order.

Reset MAID Password

Because Managed Apple IDs are now synched with Active Directory, Network Managers can no longer reset MAID account passwords in ASM.

For Staff members, they will need to contact the PCPS Help Desk to have their password reset.

For student accounts, the student’s teacher can reset their password.

Troubleshooting Student MAID Accounts