Fix Browser Security Warning After Big Sur Upgrade

General Information

After upgrading a Mac to macOS 11 Big Sur, the LightSpeed filter’s certificate may not be automatically trusted, which can result in browsers displaying the message that web pages are not secure.

Locate Lightspeed Certificate

  1. Log out of any currently logged in user.
  2. Log in as the account’s local administrator account. The username should be “administrator” and the password should be “EERS@XXXX” where xxxx is your four-digit location number.
  3. In the upper-right, click the magnifying glass to launch Spotlight (keyboard shortcut: Command+Spacebar).
  4. In the Spotlight search bar, typeKeychain Access.
  5. Hit Enter. The Keychain Access app will open.
  6. At the left, click System.
  7. At the top, click Certificates.
  8. In the Search field at the top-right, inputLightspeed.
  9. Locate the Lightspeed certificate. It will most likely have a red restriction icon.

If you do not see a Lightspeed certificate, the Lightspeed agent is not installed and would indicate another issue is causing the web pages to not display.

Manually Trust Certificate

  1. Double-click the Lightspeed certificate.
  2. To the left of Trustclick the arrow to twirl down its options.
  3. Change the When using this certificate option to Always Trust.
  4. At the top-left of the certificate window, click the red dot to close the Lightspeed certificate.
  5. Input the Administrator password.
  6. Go to Keychain Access > Quit Keychain Access.

Test Webpages Again

  1. Launch Safari web browser.
  2. Go to a web page that the Administrator account most likely hasn’t gone to before (,, etc).

If the webpage displays correctly, the issue has been resolved.