Differences Between Device Types

General Information

This article will explain the differences between Standard, Shared iPads, and 1:1 user assigned iPads in greater detail.

Important Terms

  • Self Service – This is the district’s App Store. Self Service is already populated with the most used apps in the county. Staff and Students will go here to download apps that they need. Network Managers can also add apps to Self Service for their staff and students to download. For a complete list of apps that are already available, see the App Deployment article.

Standard iPads

Standard iPads act like normal iPads with no assignment to any one person. Think of this like a computer with a single, generic login: everyone who uses the computer has access to everything, including the same data, browser history, bookmarks, files, etc.

All Standard iPads have the most restricted profile automatically deployed by the district.

This is an excellent setup for iPads that will be used by different teachers and their classes and/or used in Media Centers for student checkouts.

Shared iPads

Shared iPads have a log in on the home screen for students to login with their Managed Apple ID (MAID) and is the polar opposite of a Standard set up. This set up is akin to a Windows computer that allows students to log in with their own accounts. This allows the teacher to have a class set without worrying about one student interfering with other student’s work.

Class rosters are synced from Focus to Apple School Manager on a nightly basis.

If the iPads stay with the teacher all day and they have multiple classes (ie: departmentalized), then this is the preferred setup.

1:1 User Assigned

More and more schools are turning to the 1:1 student deployment model.

1:1 User Assigned iPads are for individual staff and students. Every staff member that has an iPad will need to be setup in this configuration. Having the iPads act as a 1:1 device allows the user to download apps themselves using Self Service.

A true 1:1 deployment means that a student is assigned to an iPad and only that specific student will ever use that iPad.