Can’t Clear Passcode (iPad Not On Wi-Fi)

General Information

When iPads come back to the PCPS network after being off campus for a while, they can sometimes fail to automatically connect to the PCPS-Apple wifi. To make matters worse, the users will often forget what their device passcode is, making it difficult to restore and set back up.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to share a Mac’s internet connection to a passcoded iPad so that it can receive the Clear Passcode command from Jamf.

Update macOS to 11.6+

In order to share internet connections from a Mac to connected iPads, macOS should be on 11.6 Big Sur or later.

Determine Current macOS Version

  1. From the Mac, navigate to Apple > About This Mac.
  2. If the macOS version is not at least 11.6, it should be updated.

Updating macOS

  1. Navigate to Apple > System Preferences…
  2. Click Software Update. The Mac will automatically check for updates.

If the screen displays that the Mac is already up-to-date and it is not on Big Sur, the Mac is most likely not capable of running Big Sur.

Share Mac's Internet Connection

The following steps will allow all USB-connected iPads to receive an internet connection via the Mac.

  1. Connect the device(s) that are passcoded. These can be either connected directly to the Mac or through a sync cart.
  2. From the Mac, navigate to Apple > System Preferences….
  3. Click Sharing.
  4. On the left column of services, click the words Internet Sharing. You will see Internet Sharing’s options screen to the right.
    1. Note: Do NOT place a check next to Internet Sharing.
  5. In the Shared your connection from: dropdown, select either Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  6. In the To computers using: section, check iPad USB.
  7. On the left column of services, check Internet Sharing to enable it.
  8. Navigate to System Preferences menu > Quit System Preferences.

Send Clear Passcode Command

With a passcode, the iPads are most likely not trusted with the Mac, so they will appear with a padlock icon in Apple Configurator. Because of this, there is no easy way to get the serial number from Configurator and it must be read from either the SAP sticker or the back of the device itself.

  1. Get each device’s serial numbers from either the SAP sticker or the device itself.
    1. Note: If the serial on the SAP sticker starts with an “S”, this letter is not apart of the actual serial number and should be omitted when’s searching Jamf.
  2. From a web browser, navigate to
  3. Log in with your net admin-XXXX credentials, where XXXX is your location number.
    1. Note: If you do not know these credentials, you must contact the PCPS Help Desk (not Apple Support) to have them reset this password for you.
  4. In Jamf, click Devices.
  5. At the top-middle search bar, input one of the iPad’s serial number.
    1. Note: If you know whose device the iPad was, you may find it easier to search for their username instead of serial number.
  6. Click Search.
  7. Click on the name of the iPad to see it’s inventory.
  8. Click Management tab.
  9. Click Clear Passcode button.
  10. Click Send Blank Push button.
  11. Click History tab.
  12. Repeat steps 4 – 11 for each iPad that is passcode locked.

The Completed tab lists all successfully completed commands that have been received by this specific iPad. The page can be refreshed and once the Clear Passcode command has been completed, you can tap the iPad’s Home button to regain access to the device.