Apple TV Enrollment

General Information

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Important Terms

  • RapidLaunch – An Apple TV app that was created by the district’s Apple Support department to facilitate the enrollment of Apple TVs

Step 1: Unbox Apple TV and Connect Peripherals

To ensure a seamless Apple TV setup, we recommend connected peripherals in the following order

  1. Unbox the Apple TV.
  2. Connect the Apple TV to an active ethernet connection.
  3. Connect the Apple TV to the projector through either HDMI or VGA.
  4. Turn on the projector and switch to the proper input.
  5. Connect Apple TV to power. The Apple TV will boot automatically once power is connected.

Note: District approved HDMI to VGA adapter.

Step 2: Setup Assistant

The Apple TV will boot to the Setup Assistance’s Welcome screen.

Do not press any buttons on the remote. After 30-seconds on the Welcome screen, the Apple TV will automaticallyprogress through the Setup Assistant and enroll into Jamf.

Once at the Home Screen, all apps will hide and the PCPS RapidLaunch app will install.

Step 3: Pair Apple TV Remote

  1. Bring the Apple TV remote as close to the Apple TV as possible (1 to 2 inches).
  2. Hold the Menu and + buttons simultaneously until a message appears that the remote has been paired.

Step 3: Register Apple TV Through RapidLaunch App

Launch RapidLaunch

Using the remote, launch the RapidLaunch app.

Assign to User

  1. Assign the Apple TV to a user by entering their FirstName.LastName.
  2. Tap Check User.

RapidLaunch will attempt to locate the username in Focus.

  • If the username is found, RapidLaunch will transition to the Display Name screen.
  • If the username is not found, RapidLaunch will alert you and give you the option to continue with the currently entered username.

Location Number

If the Location Number screen appears, enter the school or department’s 4-digit location number and tap Continue.

Display Name

  1. On the Display Name screen, give the Apple TV a name by entering it in the text field.
    1. Note: If the user was found in Focus, RapidLaunch automatically defaults to the user’s last name.
  2. Tap Continue.

Device Summary

  1. Double-check that the information is correct on the Device Summary screen.
  2. Tap Register. After a few seconds, the Apple TV will reboot.

Once the RapidLaunch app uninstalls, the Apple TV is ready for use.