1:1 iPad Setup for Staff

General Information

This document is designed for staff members on how to set up their personally assigned iPad.

Step 1: Complete Setup Assistant

  1. On the iPad, either tap the Home button or press the Lock button.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions at the bottom to start the Setup Assistant.
  3. Tap English.
  4. Tap United States.
  5. Tap Set Up Manually.
  6. If the Wi-Fi selection screen appears, tap PCPS-Apple.
    1. To bring up the digital keyboard, tap the Keyboard icon at the lower-right, then tap Show Keyboard.
    2. For the password, enter: applesetup
    3. Tap Join.
    4. Tap Next.
  7. On the Remote Management screen, tap Next.
  8. In the Username text field, input your PCPS network username. Do not put the full email address.
  9. In the Password text field, input your PCPS network password.
  10. Tap Next.
  11. On the Apple ID screen, input your PCPS email address.
  12. Tap Next.
  13. Tap Continue.
  14. In the Password field, input your PCPS network password.
  15. Tap Sign in.
  16. Tap Yes.
  17. Tap Enable Location Services.

The iPad’s Home Screen will appear.

Step 2: RapidLaunch App (non-teacher employees)

If you do not have classes assigned to you in Focus, you will need to proceed through the RapidLaunch app to complete the iPad setup.

After a few moments, the icons will disappear and the district’s RapidLaunch app will install.

  1. Tap RapidLaunch app.
  2. In the Locations list, tap your school or department’s name.
  3. On the Confirmation dialog, double-check that the correct location was selected and tap Confirm.
  4. Tap Complete.

The iPad will reboot and after a few moments, RapidLaunch will uninstall and the icons will return.